Engagement Ring

by Lawrencia Jones

An engagement ring is a way to express your ever-lasting love for your spouse. You can also say that it is a symbol of marriage. It is very important to choose a engagement ring carefully as it represents your love and commitment. Traditionally a engagement ring is worn in fourth finger on the left or right hand.

Generally everyone wants to wear an engagement ring all the time. Thus it is necessary to select the style and design of the ring very carefully. So that it not only lasts for many years but is also well crafted and stylish.

Diamond Engagement Ring

Whenever you are selecting engagement ring first of all make sure that it perfectly fits in finger of the person who is going to wear it. Best advice would be to get ring finger measured by a professional jeweler. Another important thing for selection of the right engagement ring is type of metal that is used for that ring. Nowadays there is a wide variety of metals used for engagement rings but you should choose one that fits in your budget.

Although platinum is the most precious metal it shines for many more years to come and that is why it is the right choice for you if it fits within your budget. Platinum is also stronger metal then gold and doesn’t gives rashes on the fingers of the person wearing it.
Now comes the part on how to choose the diamond for the ring. Diamonds can be a headache if proper research is not done before buying it. There is a fundamental of 4Cs when doing research for the right diamond. It is Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight of the diamond.

Each property of the diamond affects its price. Emrald cut is the best one as it covers more area with same carat weight. If you want more shinier cuts then opt for princess cut. Clarity, Carat and Color are also very important factors. This things are sometimes very hard to tell with a naked eye but if you are already spending your hard earned money on something then why not get something good for it.

The best way to start your research in order to find the perfect ring would be through the internet. When my boyfriend proposed me with a ring he did something similar. You should try searching in google. For example if you are living in Dallas, US then search for something like engagement rings dallas and you will find lots of results that would help you to choose from online shops which sell this type of rings. Also try and read all information that is provided on the vendors site. As I live in dallas my boyfriend ordered it from engagement rings dallas.

Whichever vendor you choose but just keep one thing in mind and that is always ask for certified diamonds.

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