Types of Straw Hats for Women

by Lawrencia Jones

Straw hats are available in varieties of shapes, sizes, and styles. They can give you a stylish look and also protect your face from the sun. These hats are designed such a way to leaves enough ventilation so that air can get through and keep you not only protected but cool as well. Straw hats have flat tops and are stiff. They are generally made from dried plant fiber like coberg, shantung, raffia, vegetable fibers, twisted grass and toquilla.

Panama hats

Panama is a light weighted and light colored hat. It is generally made from toquilla. Panama hat is famous for their breathable qualities. Due to this it makes you feel fresh to a warm sunny day. It is also look very stylish.

Conical hats

Conical hat is basically made by dried bamboo leaf strips. Therefore it is also very light weighted. A conical hat may be made up from a single piece of material that is rolled into a cone shape and may also be made of many pieces woven or bound together to form a cone shape.

Boater hats

A boater hat is also known as a sailor hat, or skimmer hat. It is normally made of sennit straw and has a soft flat crown and brim, with a ribbon around the crown. As its name suggests, boater hats is best for spot on the water. So they are frequently used on occasion for sailing, rowing, and boating.

One another thing about the straw hat is that they are designed larger in size to help you more against the sun. You will find people using this type of hats in various countries of the world. You can wear it for a casual look on a normal day, or an elegant one if worn with the right attire.

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