Types of Women Footwear

by Lawrencia Jones

Footwear is an essential component of every woman’s style. Footwear provides protection for your feet as well as they also help to make your feet look great. Like other accessories there are lots of styles and designs for footwear available according to different occasions, seasons and taste. Some of them are follows

Women Sandals

Sandals do come in various styles, design and colors. It is a good option in footwear when you don’t like to wear something heavy on your feet. As they come in a variety of styles, it depends upon your personal taste whether you like thin, stripy sandals or some others. They are fancy and stylish and also help you to keep your feet cool in summer. Sandals also have different type of heel like kitten heels, platform and high heels.

Women Boots

Women’s boots also come in many styles. Some of them are western boot, flat boot, knee high boot etc. Although they are good in every season but in cold weather they are the best option.  Boots help you to protect your feet from sun in summer and also keeps help you to keep your legs warm in cold weather. Boots will also provide you a stylish look.

Women shoes

Like other footwear women shoes also come in different shapes, designs and colors. Some of them are follows low cut shoes, flat, elegant closed style shoes and evening shoes.

Embroidered shoes

Embroidered shoes are one of the most beautiful and decorative shoes. They generally come with soft sole. The sole are made of cloth. The heads of the shoes are embroidered with floral patterns and are brightly colored.

Footwear always helps you to experience and enjoy the ride of comfort. A right type of footwear also makes you feel confident. Footwear would provide a final touch to your overall look.

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