Types of women sandals

by Lawrencia Jones

Sandals are the one of the popular form of women footwear. You can find countless varieties of colors and designs in ladies sandals. A right type of sandal makes you feel more trendy, feminine and beautiful, but choosing the right pair of sandals is not an easy task. Following are few tips on how to match and wear you favorite sandals. These tips might help you get the perfect sandals.

Flat sandals
A pair of flat sandals is not only fashionable, but also feels more comfortable. They are specially designed for comfort and are best for casual wear. You can wear flat sandals with skirt, shorts, jeans and many other designer dresses. They also come in elegant designs, thinner straps or with other features which makes them look more stylish.

High-heeled sandals
High-heeled sandals are very versatile and stylish. You can wear it in daytime or in night out with your friends. Just have to keep in mind that it isn’t a good idea to wear this type of sandals if you are going for shopping or you have to walk around all day long.

High-heeled sandals look amazing with an airy, sheer long dress and sweet baby-doll dress. You can also wear them with caprie and high-waist flared or straight cut pants.

Platform sandals
Platform sandals are available in a wide range of styles, pattern and colors. Therefore you can, surely find a right pair that matches with your clothing style and your body type. If you have short height then they are also helpful in adding a bit of extra height to your figure.

Although platform sandals do have heels, they are comfortable all day long because of the linear souls in their bottom.

Now above things might not be a complete guideline to select the best type of sandals for yourself, but they are just some of the types mentioned here for the reference. There are other aspects for choosing best sandals like color selection, material etc depending on your requirements. Whatever the occasion is the designs, color, feel for the ladies sandals are countless. You can choose the one that suits you perfectly with your attire.

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