Choosing High Heels

by Lawrencia Jones
five women in high heels

Women with short height always feel irritating when some tall women stand besides them. They feel infuriating about their height and would start thinking what to do to not make a joke of themselves. Wearing high heels is the answer but selecting them is also another important task which needs to be done carefully. Not only short heighted women have this problem of selecting high heels, but others too face this trouble. If not selected carefully, then high heels can create body pain and in future some major problem can come up.

High Heeled Sandals

There are many types of high heels available in the stores. Stilettos, kitten heels, pumps and wedges are some of the choices. The normal height of the heel is around 3-4 inches, but sandal with more than 4inch heel is also available. It is recommended that very long high heel sandal like one having 6inch heel should not be worn as firstly it won’t be comfortable while walking and also you will feel much pain while walking.

If you are a naive woman in regards to high heels, then when you go for shopping ask any friend of yours to accompany you for suggestions. Also while selecting a heel sandal, don’t directly jump to stilettos, instead select 1-2inch broad heel sandal. More broad the heel, more easiness you would find in walking. After you have gained perfection in walking in broad heels, you can try out wedge heels and kitten heels and gradually go to stilettos by perfecting every type of sandal.

When selecting stilettos always keep in mind the height of heel you are selecting. Try walking for some while with the sandal on and see if they are comfortable or not.  If nearby there are stairs then try it out there too by seeing if you can climb them easily.
Stilettos having a strap at a back are good ones to be chosen as then the balance would be maintained and the chances of falling would be reduced. But in some sandals with straps, it won’t allow you to stand properly, either the knees would bend or you would have to lean forward. So, it is essential to check that, while you try to stand up straight, by putting pressure on just your toes would it work or not. If your sandal is tight then you toes won’t handle that pressure and you would fall. Keep these things in mind and then only go forward for choosing them. Stilettos are not cup of every ones tea, so make sure that you can walk very well if you are selecting them.

Back straps in slingbacks are like boon to sandal world. Some women have problem in walking or their feet are slippery and they fall a lot. With these back straps, feet remains at one place perfectly and the problem of falling now and then could be minimized. While selecting a high heel sandal go maximum up to 5inch not more than that as then the chances of falling would be increased. Along with this the chances of getting dislocation of leg are more as you won’t be able to walk properly with this much added height. Also never compare yourself with models, like they are wearing very high heels so you can wear too, but remember that they are trained professionals which you are not and so the probability of there falling would be zero whereas yours would be near to one.

Always select a high heel sandal in which you are comfortable in walking. Keep in mind the above points and then select them carefully.

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