Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Having straight hair are like a boon to women who have them and the ones with curly hair always have a envious feeling. There aren’t many options on how to style curly hair moreover the hairstyles for curly hair are also limited. Whereas when considering hairstyles for straight hair there are many options among which you can go through. Though some troubles have to be faced when styling straight hair, but when proper hair gel or mousse is applied, the hair will be styled easily.

Below some hairstyles for straight hair are being mentioned:

Girl with straight hairPonytail. Long, sleek ponytail or medium, straight ponytail would look nice when styling your straight hair. Either you keep high ponytail or low ponytail or side-swept ponytail, every way would look nice. Front bangs with high ponytail and side bangs with side-swept ponytail would add stars to your beauty.

Layers. Getting Layered hairstyle in when you have straight hair would look nice. Either you have long hair or medium length hair; layers would make you appear more beautiful. Also layered hairstyle would suit any face shape, so you don’t have to worry if the new layered haircut would suit your face or not. Try out bangs with layers as this would give more dramatic look.

Bob cut. If you have short or medium length, straight hair then bob cut is a good choice to go with. Many celebrities these days are going with this hairstyle as it makes them appear different and more stylish. You can go with angled bob hairstyle or bob layered hairstyle or can include bangs in normal bob hairstyle to get a spectacular look.

Hippie Hairstyle. This is one old fashioned style, but these days it is practiced more. Long or medium length hair in which you can affix a braided headband or create a braided strand of your hair itself and fix it in front portion of the head. This hairstyle is very cool when you going to parties and also these days many models and celebrities are opting to put this hairstyle on.
Half up and half down. This hairstyle is common for women having straight and curly hair but those with straight hair look more beautiful and gorgeous. Create two portions and pin up one portion on the crown of the head and let the hair of other portion remain open. You can pin up that one portion in many ways, thus creating different styles and in each style a different and gorgeous look.

Emo Hairstyle. This is very modern and latest style which would make you look punk and rock. Different colors can be used to highlight your hair and then they will surely look beautiful. Fringe is included in this hairstyle and as the length of the hair increases, the length of fringe also increase. Like if you have long hair then long fringe which is side-swept is kept to get a nice look.

Keep in mind the above hairstyles and you can ask your hair stylist to style accordingly. Make sure you keep in mind your face shape and accordingly go for a hairstyle.

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