Ways to Get Straight Hair

To have straight and sleek hair is a dream of every woman. Curly hairs are difficult to manage. Much care has to be taken if you have curly hair. Moreover, the hairstyles are limited for curly hair. Though care has to be taken for straight hair too, but they are manageable when compared to the curly hair. When we talk about hairstyles, there are a lot of haircuts which can be experimented with straight hair.

Girl with straight hairNow, if you don’t have straight hair and want to have straight hair, then the question is how to get the straight hair and what should you do? The answer to it is the straightening iron or flat iron. If you are going for some party and wish to look beautiful with straight hair, then you can use flat iron at home and get straight hair easily. Washing the hair with a good shampoo is the first step. Leave the hair to dry but don’t dry them completely. Part your hair in some section and use brush and flat iron to get straight hair. Run the comb through your hair and after that comb run the flat iron through the hair. Pull out the flat iron in light manner. Don’t do it in a harsh manner otherwise your hair can get damaged. Do this section by section and cover your whole hair. Overheating of iron can cause damage to your hair, so don’t apply overheated iron on the hair. By using flat iron, you can get straight hair in just a little time. But remember to be careful while using flat iron. Also the straight hair look will remain till you wash your hair next time. After washing the look will go away and you will have to use flat iron again if you want straight hair.

You can use blow dryer instead of flat iron to get straight hair. You first have to wash the hair with some shampoo and if you want to condition it, use a conditioner too. After you have washed them, leave them to dry but till they become damp. Now you can blow dry to make them straight. Run the comb from roots till tips of the hair and simultaneously run blow dryer. When using blow dryer there are chances that you will have to repeat the usage of dryer on same hair again and again to make them straight. This look too is temporary. When using flat iron or blow dryer, you can use hair gel or hair spray at the end to make them look shiny.

If you are bored up of straightening your hair again and again, then you can go with the permanent straightening. In permanent straightening of hair, strong chemical solution is used to make the hair straight. These chemicals can damage the hair with regular use. The straight hair obtained with chemical use will remain for months even if you wash them frequently. But much care of hair has to be taken for this kind of straight hair, like you should not use any more chemicals on the hair as this can result in dry and brittle hair.

There are some natural ways which can be used if you are not in a hurry of getting straight hair. Cream obtained from the mixture of coconut milk and lemon should be applied on the hair and cover the hair with some hot towel. After some time wash it away normally and comb them after they get half dry. Doing this regularly will give shine to your hair and will make them straighter. You can also use iron which is used for ironing clothes to straighten your hair. Wrap some paper or cloth around the hair and then iron in the same away as if they are clothes. This is temporary but effective way of getting straight hair.

Straight hair looks good on every face and there is not need of much maintenance. You should too try the above given tips, for getting straight hair and you will surely look beautiful.

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