Tips on Increasing Your Hair Volume

by Lawrencia Jones

If you want to look beautiful then the hair is a very important thing, which has to be maintained properly. Different hairstyles can be tried out on healthy hair. Thin and unhealthy hair doesn’t looks good. Number of hairstyles will be limited if you have thin hair. Moreover if you have thin hair then hair fall problems also arises.

Here some tips are mentioned which would help you to make your thin hair thicker:

Girl with Hair Volume– If your hair falls frequently then it’s not a good sign. Volume of hair depends on hair fall. If you hair breaks easily and regularly, then there are less chances that the hair volume might increase someday. Therefore, you have to stop your hair from falling.

– Many volumizing shampoos are available in the market. These shampoos can help you to increase the volume of your hair. Make sure that you wash your hair twice a week with this shampoo. Much usage will leave chemicals in the scalp and thus this will harm the hair.

– Along with the shampoo, you can opt for leave-in conditioners, which will help to add shine to the hair. It will also help in increasing volume and strength of your hair.

– You can also try on volumizing spray, which when sprayed on hair will make them appear thicker. It just makes them appear thicker whenever it is sprayed on your hair.

– Massage your hair with oils. Almond oil, olive oil and jojoba oil are the preferred ones. Massage the scalp properly so that oils settle into the scalp and hair in a right manner. Only if your scalp is strong, then there will be less hair fall and if there is less hair fall, automatically the density of hair will increase.

– Diet also plays an important role in gaining volume for your hair. Proteins are necessary for the hair. If there is lack of proteins or other nutrients in your diet, then there can be hair fall problems. You should eat protein-rich and vitamin rich food items. You should include food like eggs, fish other vegetables and fruits in your diet. This will add volume to your hair and will make them look thicker and healthier than before.

– When you dry your hair after washing them, use towel instead of blow dry. Dryer will make them rough and dry and in future, the risk of hair breakage will increase. Hair fall will lead to hair appearing thinner. Therefore, avoidance of hair dryer will indirectly help in increasing volume of the hair.

– You can try out different hairstyles, which will give effect as if you have thicker hair. Hairstyles like layers and curls can give the outer look of voluminous hair.

Thick hair looks good on any face. Above tips would definitely help you in getting thick and voluminous hair.

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