How to Choose Color for Your Hair

by Lawrencia Jones
woman holding her hair in her hands

Coloring the hair can change your look. You can look beautiful and gorgeous by dying or highlighting your hair. But there are few points which should be kept in mind while choosing to color your hair. Firstly you should decide whether you want temporary color which remains for 2-4 weeks or semi-permanent color which remains for 2-3 months or permanent color. When you have decided this then you should go for further step which is which color you should use. The color which should be used depends on many factors. In this article these factors are being discussed out.

Woman looking at her hairFactors like skin tone, eye color matter a lot while choosing the color for dying your hair. You should choose a color which makes you look stylish and gorgeous and not the one which makes you look unattractive. For dying the hair, you can either select two or three shade lighter/darker than the skin tone. One safe path of coloring the hair is to select the shade which matches the natural color of your hair. When selecting colors matching with skin tones, you should decide which skin tone is yours i.e. either you have warm skin tone or cool skin tone. If you have warm skin tone i.e. yellow and gold undertones and brown or light brown skin then you should stay put on cool colors like blue, purple and instead try on brown, ash brown, red, honey and rust. Cool skin tone has pink or blue undertones in the skin and if you have cool skin tone then you should choose colors like black, brown, coffee, cream and burgundy.

You can also choose colors for your hair in the following manner. Is your skin dark in color? If yes, then choose the shades which help you look beautiful and the colors can be like brown or shades of brown or black. If your skin tone is medium dark/olive then you can select colors like brown, light brown, different shades of brown, red, burgundy, selected shades of blonde or copper. If you have light skin color then you should select blonde shades, some brown shades or red. Only few cool colors like red and purple can go with fair skin and so you should not try others.

Eye color also plays an important role in selecting color for the hair. Blue, brown, black, hazel and green are the eye colors which are generally seen among women. Not all hair colors are for all these colors. Some hair colors may suit a particular eye color while those hair colors won’t suit other eye colors. If you have brown eyes then colors like brown, shades of brown and blonde, black, white and red suit the most. If you have blue eyes, almost all blonde shades look the best but you can put on cool shades like purple. You can also try different shades of brown as they too look good with blue eyes and fair skin combination.

Coloring the hair can be done when you are bored with your look and want to try out some new look. You should be very careful while selecting the color shade for your hair as you have to look different. Don’t opt for color shades which are far away from the natural shade of your hair. Do temporary highlights or permanent coloring with proper hair color you will surely look more beautiful and different from the normal and boring look.

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