Getting Back the Normal Skin Complexion After Tan

by Lawrencia Jones

Summers are over and you would have sat for hours under the sun on the beach to get your body tanned. It is normal that after your body gets discolored, it will automatically get its original complexion back in a few months. It can also happen that you might have got bored with the darker skin complexion and want back the real one as soon as possible.

Girl Tanning in Sun

Here some tips are mentioned, which if followed then they will help you to get back the normal complexion of your skin very soon:

– Now that you have decided that you want your original skin complexion back then you should avoid going out in the sun so that you don’t get more tan for your skin. If you are going out then you should cover your body properly. Along with this, you should apply a good sunscreen lotion/moisturizer with a good SPF content in it.

– You should eat healthy and nutritious food. Also, drink plenty of water and cut down on sodas and alcohol. This helps in making the skin fair and this is what we want.

– Exfoliating your skin regularly will remove the dead skin cells from the skin. This gradually will remove the tanned skin coat one at a time. Using a good scrub is recommended for exfoliating the skin.

– Curd is one of the good ways to remove the sun-tan from the skin. Regularly massage your body with curd one hour prior to taking a bath. This helps in getting back the color of your skin.

– By rubbing tomatoes or orange peels or watermelon slices on the skin where it is tanned, the color gets lightened. By regularly using this remedy, the tan will be gone from the skin.

– Aloe vera is considered good for the skin. By applying aloe vera juice regularly the skin gets fairer. You should massage your tanned face, hands and feet with aloe vera juice and you will surely get the desired results.

– Mixture of lemon juice and honey should be applied to face and all over the body wherever it is tanned. This will lighten the skin complexion. Raw milk can also be used to lighten the skin tone. Massage your skin with raw milk before you go to bed and wash it away the next morning. This will surely decrease the darkness in the skin color.

– Potato and cucumber are considered as good options for getting the white skin. Therefore, to remove tanning from the skin you can either place their slices or mash them and then place all over the face. For the rest of the body you can keep a wet cloth dipped in their juice and let it settle in the skin. Doing this regularly, will help you to get rid of the tan.

Getting fair skin back after tanning is easy but a time consuming process. You just have to be patient with it. You can follow the above tips and you will surely get your original skin tone back.

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