Tips on Getting a Foot Tattoo

by Lawrencia Jones

Getting a tattoo inked on the body has become the latest trend. Many women get tattoo as it makes them look more stylish and cool. There are many places on which a tattoo can be inked, like hands, shoulders, neck, legs and foot. Recently, foot tattoo has become a craze and women are going for this tattoo.

Heart Shaped Tattoo on Foot

Foot tattoo deals with getting beautiful designs done on the foot portion. Designs like star, flower, butterfly or any other simple design is printed on the foot. You can write your name too as a design. Foot area is very small and if you are thinking to go for some big design than you are very wrong. Keep in mind that the design which you pick should be small and decent. If you pick some large design then be ready to change it as your tattoo artist would only say no for that design. Also if you have picked up a small, delicate design but your tattoo artist thinks that there are some modifications which should be made then you should listen to him/her. These modifications are made because the foot area is very delicate.

Foot area is very delicate and much care has to be taken while getting the tattoo and after getting the tattoo. The pain which can be experienced is much more than compared to getting tattoo on any other place. So, be prepared for the pain. It is advisable that you select the place properly. Like if you select a place on foot which has much skin, then at that place you won’t feel much pain. But if you select a place near ankle, you would have to suffer lots of pain as the tattoo gun would point to your bones and this pain would be unbearable. So, it is recommended that you should choose the place properly. Foot is very sensitive and so sometimes it happens that when your tattoo artist is tattooing your foot may jerk back and the ink may get spilled out of the design. So, keep your foot as still as you can, as if you don’t keep it still then it can destroy your tattoo design.

You should eat and drink properly before getting the tattoo inked on the foot. Diet is very important as it helps in keeping you strong enough to handle the pain. Keep your body hydrated. The foot is exposed to water very much as compared to other body parts and so the tattoo design on the foot gets faded very quickly. The colors also lighten up easily. So, it is recommended that you select dark/medium dark colors as they won’t fade early. Light colors will lighten up quickly than compared to dark colors and so light colors should be avoided. As the colors lighten up quickly, make sure that you do touch-up when required.

Tattoo should not be covered until it is properly healed. The healing time for foot tattoo is 2-3 weeks. For this time, you should make sure that you don’t cover your legs with socks or wear shoes as the sweat can lighten up the design more quickly than normal. Wear flip-flops or slippers as they will give room to your feet to get fresh air so that your tattoo gets healed in time. During the healing time, make sure that not much water is spilled on the tattoo as it can also lighten up the design and the colors.

To keep your tattoo more long lasting, keep your foot moisturized properly. Get a nice design tattoo on the foot and you will surely add more stars to your beauty.

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