Tips for Healthy Nails

by Lawrencia Jones

Nails are like a jewel on our hands. By adding lustrous and glistening nail paints we can add that extra zing to the beauty of our hands. There are different ways to make your nails appear more beautiful. You can either apply glistering nail polish or try different color combinations that would match your clothes as well as other accessories.

It is also essential to keep your nails healthy as healthy nails do make a foundation for beautiful nails.

Below are some basic tips to take care of your nails and to keep them healthy.

Same as other body parts our nails too need care to be taken. We all want to have hefty and beautiful nails which will add much beauty to our visual aspect. A little attention can make our fingers appear more beautiful. Most of us are incognizant of the fact that our nail’s health also depends upon our diet. We need to add some nutrients, vitamins and minerals in our daily diet to assure our nail’s beauty and health. Avert excessive accent on your nails like plucking, picking etc so that they will remain hefty.

Before going to bed make sure to wash your hands thoroughly, wipe them dry and apply some hand moisturizer followed by a little petroleum jelly into the cuticle and skin surrounding your nails. You can add rich amount of protein, vitamin A, Vitamin B 12, Vitamin C and calcium containing food to your daily diet like fruits, pulses and milk products. Also while doing household works like cleaning and scrubbing don’t forget to wear hand gloves so that your nails will remain healthy. You should avoid cutting and filing your nails just after shower and washing, and during filing your nails follow only one direction to avoid brittleness. You should take care when using artificial nails as applying and removing process might lead to fungal infection to your nails. Consume plenty of water/fresh fruit juices daily it will keep your nail hydrated and your body too. Carrot juice is much suitable for healthy nails. In end never go for acetone or formaldehyde based nail paint remover.

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