Tips for Dressing on Valentine Day Part 1

by Lawrencia Jones

Valentine day is an important day in a woman’s life. On this day she would want to look beautiful and gorgeous. She would seem excited and anxious at the same time on this day. She might seem confused about what to choose and what to reject in matter of clothes and accessories. She would become very choosy on this day. She would also worry a lot about her looks, makeup and hairstyle.

Through this 2 part series we will try to help you out on how to get ready on a valentine day.

Starting with the dress, you can choose any color for your dress. Mainly red color is always picked up. If you don’t want to wear red colored dress than you can choose pink, black or peach colored dress. Mixture of white and red colors in the dress is also preferred. You can also select the one which has prints such as flowers. You can select a full-length gown or short prom dress or sheath dress type of dress to be worn at the date. Choose a dress according the place you are going. The above dress can be worn if you going for some romantic dinner or at some pub. If you are going to some concert or at movie with your date than choose a trendy jeans with fashionable red or black or pink colored top. If your date has gifted you a dress, than it will be a good call to wear that dress and impress him.

Sandals are the next. High heels or pencil heels are recommended but if you are not comfortable with high heels than you can go with small heels or flat but fashionable sandals. Red colored sandals are appreciated, but black, cream and white will also do. Select the sandal which matches with the dress.

For accessories, it is advisable to carry a handbag with you as there would be need to do a touch-up. Carry a white, black or red colored handbag or clutch purse which can carry all the necessary items of makeup. If you want to choose some other color than it’s your choice, but make sure that the handbag goes with your dress. You can wear a necklace in your neck if you like one. Long beaded necklace looks good if you have chosen a tube dress or dress with small strap or spaghetti straps. You can also choose simple chain with a heart pendant. If you wish to put up a brooch on the dress, than you can one.

For makeup and hairstyling please read more about it in Tips for dressing on valentine day part 2

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