Tips for Dressing on Valentine Day Part 2

by Lawrencia Jones

Now is the time for makeup. If you are going at date in day time then keep your makeup as light as possible. For night-time date you can opt for a bit dark makeup. Moisturizer is the first step in applying makeup process. Massage your face and neck properly with the moisturizer. Next is the chance of foundation. Choose shade of foundation which matches with the skin tone or a bit lighter than that. For blush, color of blush should be red, pink or cream or some other light shade. Light shades look good for this day as it flaunts your natural beauty. For lips, you can choose to put on red lipstick or a pink one. You can select one which has matte effect or glossy, shine effect. You can also choose to have nude shiny lips as they have become very trendy these days. For eyes, smokey look is always a yes-yes. You can put on black or brown mascara for the lashes. Maintaining the natural beauty of the face is appreciated. So, start cleansing your face with some good face-wash or cleanser or start exfoliating the skin before it’s too late.

How your hair looks on this day is also important. If you have long and thin hair, its best if you keep them open. You can style them as half up and half down. This look will add stars to your beauty. Doing a full updo can also be one of the choice. This style makes you look more classy and beautiful. For day-time date you can opt for simple and sleek ponytails as your hairstyle. It is easy to be handled and also looks stylish with a proper dress. Style your hair which suits your dress perfectly.

Getting ready on a valentine day is a tricky job. But with this 2 part tutorial, we hope that your job has been made easy. Along with the above tips it is a nice thing if you have done manicure and pedicure recently. Always keep in mind that if your boyfriend has gifted you a dress or some accessory for this day, make sure that you carry it with you when you meet him. Don’t worry and be confident and me sure that your date will be a memorable one.

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