Remove Freckles – Getting Rid of Freckles

by Lawrencia Jones

Lemon and trawberry for FaceFreckles are a collection of pigmented cells that appears on the skin as a brown spot. Usually it looks tanned, flat, and very small but when two or more freckles overlaps each other and groups together then they appear larger. However they are not harmful and do not cause any type of skin problems but their presence on skin, ruins your beauty. There are basically two types of freckles that you can see. The first one is ephelides and the second one is lentigines. Ephelides are generally flat red or light-brown spots that appear during the summer season and fade away in winter. The other is small tan,brown or black spot which is generally darker than ephelides and doesn’t fades in winter.

If you are looking for the treatment of the freckles, there are various methods available which will help you to get rid of them. Such as laser treatment, Retin-A, and chemical peels etc. Besides, you can also use the natural treatments and home remedies as they are much safer than other methods.

Natural remedies for freckles

First of all you must stay away from the sun as much as possible because the harmful UV rays of sunlight enhances the freckles problem. Apply sunscreen whenever you go outside in the sun.

You should also take the help of face mask in order to get rid of freckles. Face mask made-up of apricot, cucumber and strawberries are very helpful in freckles treatment. Whatever the face mask you use, wear the mask for at least 10 minutes then wipe it off with soft towel or cotton. For better results try to use this mask twice a week.

Lemon is another very effective remedy for the freckles. Apply the lemon juice directly onto the affected area and leave it for at least 15 minutes. Then wipe it off with soft towel or cotton. You should apply it twice a day for getting best results.

Onions can be used to remove the freckles. Take a red onion and cut it, after that rub it on the spots. Regular use of it, twice a day will fade the freckles away. You can also use a paste of turmeric and sesame with water for lightening the spots. Besides this tips you should also increase vitamin C and vitamin A in your diet as it will be very helpful to lighten the freckles.

Remember a clear and beautiful face will drastically improve your looks. In order to do so you need a clear and beautiful skin in first place. Therefore keeping your skin free from freckles and blemishes is the right way to go.

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