Getting a Suntan Tattoo

by Lawrencia Jones
girl taking a sun tan

Tattooing the body is considered as one of the latest trends which will make you look cool and stylish. Now-a-days many women go with permanent or temporary tattoos which use ink and a tattoo gun to get a tattoo. Different shapes, colors or designs can be created for a tattoo on the body. But by using the tattoo gun and ink, the chances of getting skin problems increases a lot. It affects the skin badly and this can be seen in long run only. Also the pain induced while getting this tattoo is not bearable by some. So, a new method has been introduced which will save you from the pain and the future damage of the tattoo gun. This method is known as Suntan Tattoo.

Woman getting suntan
Suntan Tattoo is the method which allows you to get a tattoo by tanning your body and so the tattoo gun is not used in this technique. You can get a tattoo either by sun tanning or by artificial i.e. sunless tanning method. By using any of these two methods, you will get a tan tattoo design the one which you desire. Different shapes and designs can be drawn on the body by this method. Generally, heart, balloon, sun, teddy bear are some of the designs which are common for suntan tattoo. There are only 2 choices for color if you are going with this method. Either the color of tattoo will be dark than your skin color or it will be light.

There are two ways through which you can get a sun tattoo and these ways depend upon the choice of the color which you want. If you want the color of suntan tattoo should be dark than the color of body then you should follow this method. Get an old outfit for yourself and cut some design from that. This design would be seen on your body in the form of tattoo so cut the cloth properly. Then wear the outfit and sit under the sun. Don’t forget to put on sunscreen lotion so that the sun rays don’t harm much to your body. You can also go with sunless tanning method i.e. sit on suntan beds and let the UV rays work. After 2-3 hours for sun tanning and maximum of 1 hour of sunless tanning, you will see that the skin which was covered by the cloth has the same skin color but the skin which was revealed under the skin and UV rays got darkened. In this way you will get a tan tattoo which will get dark in color when compared to your skin color.

The other way of getting a tattoo is by using a sticker. Put on the sticker at that place where you want a tattoo and then on all other places put sunscreen lotion. Sit under the skin and allow the sun to do its work. After 2 hours, you can remove the sticker. After removing the sticker you will see that the portion of the skin under the sticker is same as before and all other skin got tanned. The light skin color design is your tattoo. For better results, you should sit in the sun for more hours as by doing that the tan tattoo would be seen better. You can get this same tattoo by sunless tanning method too.

Sun tanning and sunless tanning both have some cons and so this leads to cons of suntan tattoo. If you sit under the sun or in suntan bed for much time than it can affect your skin and it can lead to skin cancer. Also if this method of getting a tattoo is repeated frequently, then too the probability of getting cancer increases. So, it is advised to not to repeat this method frequently. A suntan tattoo stays on the skin for months and then starts gradually to discolor. Thus you can enjoy your tattoo for months only by protecting your skin at first when getting a tattoo and later also by using sunscreen lotion regularly.

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