Getting Smokey Eyes Look

by Lawrencia Jones

Smokey eye makeup looks very attractive and sexy. It seems great on all age group of women, from young to mature. Smokey eyes makeup can change your appearance dramatically when it is done properly.

For getting smoky eyes, you will need some essential items like one black eye pencil, powder eye shadow and dark mascara. Make sure the base color of eye shadow should be one shade darker than your skin tone and it must be little shimmery. The contour color should be a dark matte color such as dark brown, blue, green, or purple. You can choose your eye shadow color according to your outfits. The third shade should be a slightly shimmery highlighting color that will be used under the eyebrow.

Smokey Eyes Look
The key factor of glamorous Smokey eye makeup is proper blending. Ensure the colors of eye shadow must be perfectly blended. Another important factor you need to know is the right color selection of shadow. Usually, three colors are used in getting smokey eyes. These three colors are known as highlighter, mid-tone and contour.

Whenever you are ready to do smokey eye makeup, first of all clean your eyes then apply some eye primer or foundation on your lids so that your makeup remains for longer time. If there are dark circles around your eyes then use a concealer to hide them. After that, begin your eye makeup with drawing the upper and lower eye line with a dark eyeliner. If you want more dramatic and dark look, use black eyeliner otherwise you can also go for bright jewel toned liner such as amethyst purple or green as they also look very dramatic and stylish. Once you have applied eyeliner smudge it properly using your finger or a sponge to soften the effect.

After that, apply a dark eye shadow using either the sponge-tipped applicator or a Q-tip brush over the softened eyeliner and gently smudge it with your finger tip. For smokey eyes always use dark shade like brown or gray onto your eyelid area. At the end, apply black mascara to give more striking look to your eyes. Always apply mascara in this manner so that it will lengthen your eyelashes.

Moreover, keep your lip makeup light if you want to make your eyes the center of attraction. To do that you can try to use nude or natural color lipstick and light-colored lip liner.

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