Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

by Lawrencia Jones
full set of makeup brushes

Makeup is applied by most of the women as they think they will appear more beautiful by applying makeup. And they are not wrong if they think like this. But makeup has to be applied correctly to appear beautiful and gorgeous. Generally, makeup is applied with the use of makeup brushes. So, it has to be the prime objective to clear all the makeup brushes after they have been used as they can get infected if not cleaned properly. Makeup and oils from the skin left over the brushes, can attract dirt, germs and bacteria which would decrease the life time of those brushes. Therefore makeup brushes should be cleaned regularly.

Clean Makeup Brushes

One standard way of cleaning makeup brushes is by using mild shampoo. First you should dampen the brushes in lukewarm water. Then you should apply some mild shampoo on your hands to and rub the makeup brushes to create some lather. Rub until all the color and dirt is removed. Then wash the brushes in lukewarm water so that remains of mild shampoo are also removed. Mild shampoo is preferred as the soft bristles of the makeup brushes are not affected in a bad manner, otherwise by using hard shampoo the bristles can be damaged.

Another way of washing makeup brushes is by using mild face cleanser. As you wash your face with a facial cleanser in the similar way you should wash the makeup brushes. Pour the facial cleanser in a bowl full of lukewarm water and mix it properly. In this mixture you should dip those brushes and let them be soaked in the water for few minutes. Don’t leave the brushes to get soaked in water for more than 5 minutes as otherwise the shelf life of the brushes would be affected. After the brushes are properly soaked in water and cleanser solution, you should wash them off with lukewarm water and leave them to dry.

You can make brush cleanser at home only which can be used to clean the makeup brushes. This cleanser can be prepared by mixing mild shampoo and water. Put some colorant as colored cleanser would appear good as compared to plain, white cleanser. Clean your brushes with this cleanser whenever you feel that dirt and germs have got accumulated in the brushes.

When cleaning the makeup brushes, it is important that you leave them to dry properly as if they don’t get proper air their quality can be degraded. Leave them horizontally on a table and allow the air to dry them. Don’t use blow dryer or any towel to dry them as these both methods would prove dangerous for the makeup brushes.

Clean the makeup brushes regularly as they are the only thing that helps you to look more beautiful. There are chances that if you apply makeup with bacteria infected brushes then those bacteria will stick up on your skin and your skin would catch up the infection. Look beautiful by applying makeup with neat and clean makeup brushes.

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