10 tips on applying the perfect makeup

by Lawrencia Jones

Applying makeup is an art and some people have mastered it. There are professional makeup artists who can drastically change your overall outlook. Buying services of a professional makeup artists are sometimes costly. Therefore you can keep some basic tips in your mind to get the best out of your makeup.

1) The right type of foundation is the most essential part of getting the best out of your makeup. You should choose the foundation that exactly matches your skin tone.

2) You should take care that your foundation is applied evenly on your face. You should start applying it in dots over the central part and then blend it outwards to cover your entire face.

3) When choosing a concealer you should always choose one shade lighter concealer than your foundation.

4) You should use loose or pressed powder to keep foundation and concealer on for a longer period of time. Always use pressed powder to touch up your face when you are away from home.

5) You should use powdered eyebrow shadow instead of pencil. As pencil would look unnatural. Apply the eyebrow shadow with a hard and slanted brush.

6) For eye liner you should use cake eyeliner with a damp, think liner brush or you can use an eyeliner pencil. Make a line below the lashes on the lower lid. Also make sure you line only the outer two-thirds of it. For upper lid, line it all the way starting from the line where your lashes begin.

7) When choosing mascara, chose black color for dark tones and brown color for lighter tones. You should apply mascara in two coats and make sure that the coats are thin enough.

8) Now its time to apply blush to your cheeks, which you can apply on or below your cheek apples.

9) When applying lipstick choose the right type of color that would suit your look or the occasion for which you are getting ready for.

10) It is a good choice to apply your lip liner after applying your lipstick.

You can experiment with different shades and tones of colors to get the desired look. Always prefer to use a fresher makeup kit. Old makeup kits can be a home for unwanted bacteria which could harm your skin.

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