Makeup for Prom

by Lawrencia Jones

When you are applying makeup, the very first thing you want is to remove old makeup or dirt. You can use face mask the night before so you feel extra refreshed before the big evening. Avoid stress and also during getting ready for the event keep your calm. Clean your face and apply an even coat of foundation which matches the color of your skin. Also using a slightly tinted foundation can give a more lively look to a pale face. Apply makeup in a well-lit room so you exactly know what is really happening all the time.

After the foundation is applied, you can move on to the eyes. Don’t use a shadow that matches the dress because this will washout the beauty of your eyes. Use  contrasting color eye shadow. Do some experimenting before the prom night choose which colors you like and which match better with what clothes. Now use mascara which will lengthen and separate your lashes. Also in order to make your eye shadow last longer, apply a small coat of lotion to your eye lids.

Now apply a blush that will fit your fashion style and your skin color too. Keep it as natural looking as possible.

If possible then use a gloss in place of a lipstick. Just make sure it matches the whole outlook.

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