Wearing Red, Luscious Lipstick

by Lawrencia Jones
girl wearing red colored lipstick

Every woman would do a new thing which would make her look beautiful. There are lots of ways which are experimented by women and they look more stylish and gorgeous. But wearing makeup is one thing which no women can avoid. There are many makeup looks but among them the one with red lips as highlight is what most of the women crave for. Using red lipstick to highlight the face is considered as a very good method to look stunning and lovely.

Red Lipstick on Lips

Wearing red lipstick means making your lips as center-of-attraction and hiding everything else. All other makeup should be little as much as possible. Always keep in mind that you select the red color carefully. There are lots of red shades available in the stores among which the best one which suits your skin tone should be picked up. If you are blonde or brunette, have fair or dark complexion red lipstick will look good on everyone. But make sure according to your complexion you select the correct shade and the type. There are matte red lipsticks, red lip glosses and sheer red lipsticks available among which you can pick up your type.

For other makeup products, select the type and shade according to your skin tone and type. Like if you have oily skin type then you should select powdered foundation and not cream foundation. Those basics are the same; just remember that you have to keep everything else simple. When going for red lipstick look, for eye shadow it is better that you select a light brown or simple eye cream or neutral shimmer base shadow as eyes have to be kept neutral. Just put on some black eyeliner and two coats of mascara to define the eyes properly. To give your face a good lustrous shine, put on some good shimmer loose powder. Define your perfect red lips by applying lip liner of same shade. If you are going for matte effect but want some glossy effect too, then apply some lip gloss of neutral/red color in the middle of lips. This will look more flattering and everyone will surely complement you.

Go for red lips look and look gorgeous!

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