Doing the Eye Makeup for the Valentine Day

by Lawrencia Jones

Valentine’s Day is a very special day for people who are in love. It is a day which brings you and your beloved one closer. It is a day when you stash away all your problems and want to spend your time to show the love that you have towards your partner. You might have a lot of stuff which you might want to share with your beloved one but then you don’t get enough words. You would also want to look as beautiful as possible and over here your beautiful eyes can help you to express your feelings.

You should make your eyes deep and romantic with perfect eye makeup. Before applying eye makeup first of all, clean your eyes. Then start your eye makeup by gently using eye primer on your eyelids, just to ensure that your eye shadow stays on all day. The next step is to select a light base shadow and sweep it across your whole eyelid. After it apply a medium shade of eye shadow on it. Rub it from the lashes to the crease of your eye. Make sure it blends properly. Now apply the dark eye shadow, starting at the outside end of your eye and blending inward. Then use a detailer brush to sweep the same darker shadow under your lower lashes.

Next, take eyeliner appropriate for your eye color. For special effect draw a line above the upper lash line, drawing line thicker in the middle of eye. Then smudge your dark eye shadow carefully over the eyeliner. You can also make your eyes more appealing by using a light color of eye shadow on the corner of the tear areas of your eyes and just under the brow.

Now finish your eye makeup with appropriate mascara according to your lashes. For more dramatic look you can curl your lashes. It is better to put double coats of mascara. If you have less or thin eyelashes than you can use false eyelashes in order to get long and wide ones.

Remember that if you are doing a day time makeup then don’t apply heavy eye makeup and a dark shade for the eye shadow. It is a good idea for you to wear natural shades that complement your eye color. At night, you can try a bit heavier makeup. A perfect eye makeup can do miracles with your looks.

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