Right type of hairstyle according to your hair length

by Lawrencia Jones

Women always want to look glamorous and beautiful. Hair plays an essential role in any women’s beauty. With beautiful hair and hairstyle you can add charm in your beauty.

Before choosing any hairstyle it is a good idea to know about your hair length. As different hair styles will suit and are made up for different kind of hair types and length.

Basically hairs divided into three categories according to their length.

Short hair
The length of short hairs is above the shoulder. They are very easy to maintain. You can easily wash and dry them out. Short hairstyle provides a professional look to your personality. Style available with short hair cuts are layer cut, blunt cut, chin length bob, curly, shag and bangs. You can try any of them according to your choice and face cut.

Medium length hair
If you have, medium hair length style, then it is necessary that you should regularly trim them. They require more care then short length hairs. Having medium length hair you can try perms, steaks, bum, bob and shag style. French twists and razored edges are also best option for you with this length. You can add more beauty and style by using some hair accessories.

Long hair style
If you have long hairs and you want to experiment with your long hairs there are various option available to you. You should try ponytail styles which is easy and quick way to make your hair look beautiful. If you are a school going girl then braids style is best for you. The popular hair styles with long hairs are straight, curls, waves and layers. You can also make your long hair more attractive by using hair gems, hair accessories and hair pins.

Next time I will try and write something about choosing the right kind of hair style according to your face cut.

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