Getting Highlights for Your Hair

by Lawrencia Jones

Highlights for hairColoring and highlighting your hair is an exciting way to look cool and trendy too. These days girls do go crazy about their hair colors and they color their hair as red, blue, blonde or in some darker or lighter shades. Some girls get their hair highlighted. In highlighting technique, some of the hair is colored. While in coloring technique all the hair are colored. Highlights if done properly then it can enhance your beauty in a drastic way. Either you are blonde or a brunette, highlights definitely gives your hair a totally different style.

Below are some tips for getting your hair highlighted and how to take care of your hair after getting the highlights.

Getting highlights done for your hair is very simple. If you are getting it done for the first time, then prefer to go to a salon. Though this will be expensive but for first time its worth-it. If you have already done this many times at home and you do have experience with it then you can go with that option too. This option will be cheaper as compared to getting it done at salon. First thing to be considered before getting you hair highlighted is which color would suit you. Check out the internet sites or any fashion magazine for latest colors which are being used as high-lights. Also, keep in mind your skin tone and choose a lighter or darker shade accordingly.

There are 4 types of hair-lighting techniques: foil highlights, hair painting, chunking, low-lighting. Foil highlights deals with foils which are wrapped on hair which are to be highlighted. In this way hair to be highlighted is separated from natural hair. Hair painting is the type which can be used at home for highlighting. Hair brush is used to do the highlights. Usually very less hair gets highlighted in getting highlights. But in chunking style, chunks or a mass of hair gets highlighted. Also the colors used in this style are bold colors like red, blue, orange etc. Low-lighting is the opposite of highlighting and thus uses dark colors for the effect. If you have light colored hair then you can go with low-lighting style. Always keep in mind the style of your hair and then only select any one method from above and get the highlights done.

If you are getting hair highlighted for the first time, it is preferable to choose a highlighting technique whose effect would last for some weeks only. Also it is suggested not to wash the hair on the day you want it to be highlighted. After you get your hair highlighted, avoid washing hair for next 48hours. If you wash your hair within that 48 hours, color won’t penetrate properly within the roots. When doing highlights at home, start coloring from the roots and then gradually proceed towards the hair tips. Color of highlights is not permanent. You will have to color your hair again after some time. This timeframe depends upon your hair length because as and when your hair length increases the color of highlights starts to disappear. Generally, 6-8 weeks is the time within which you will have to color it again.

After you have got your hair highlighted, it is also necessary that you take proper care of them. You should wash them regularly with shampoos and conditioners specially made for highlighted hair. You should always cover your hair when you are going out in sun. This will help you to maintain the color for a longer time.

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