How To Dye Your Hair In Two Colors

by Lawrencia Jones

Coloring the hair has become one of the coolest trends these days. Many women and girls are going for this cool trend. They either go for permanent dying of the hair or go for highlights. It is their choice whether they are color their whole hair or color some of the portion. But lately one improvisation has been made in this style statement. Instead of dying the hair in single color, many women are going with option of dying the hair in two different colors. Like they opt for blonde with black, black with red, brown with purple or any other according to their preference.

In this article some tips on how to color the hair in two different color shades are being mentioned:

– Firstly you should keep in mind what your natural hair color is and then select which two colors would look good on it. Like if you have light blonde hair, then the two color shades which you can consider are dark blonde with black or dark blonde with red. You can also go with brown color if you want to go with strawberry blonde hair color. Make sure that the new colors which you are choosing should match your natural hair color.

– You can see some pictures on the internet or in some magazine or celebrities photos to decide which color you would want to choose for yourself.

– Now that you have decided which two colors you are going to use for dying the hair, start partitioning the hair in two sections. Choose the section in which you have to apply light color and pin up the other section with the help of bobby pins. Use some head clips and pony holder to keep one section close. Cover the section which is not to be colored with the help of cloth or foil or plastic and pins. The hair of other section is loose and start coloring the hair of that section.

– While coloring the hair, make sure that the color of one section is not mixed with the closed section. After that section is colored, wash hair after some time. Only wash the colored hair portion and not the other portion and then let the colored portion dry.

– After some time like say 2 hours after washing, move on to next section. Now its turn to cover the colored hair portion with cloth or plastic or foil and bobby pins. After you have covered the colored hair portion, apply the other color on the loose hair. While applying the second color you have to be very careful as the new color should not be applied on already colored hair.

– Repeat the step 4 and see the result. The output will be two different shades as your hair dye.

By coloring the hair in two different shades, you will surely look more beautiful. Choose the two colors very carefully as they have to match with the natural hair color and with each other too. Keep in mind the above tips when coloring the hair in two different colors. This procedure is mainly if you are dying the hair at home and if you are going to some good professional for coloring your hair, than you don’t have to worry about anything. Look stylish and gorgeous by coloring the hair in two different colors rather than one.

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