Hairstyles for Short Hair

Hairstyle is what affects your looks the most. Women like to change their hairstyle to look different. If they have long hair then they will try out trendy and latest haircuts for long hair. They will make their straight long hair curly and will do experiment with curls. For short hair too there are many hairstyles which can be tried out. Long hair need care and have to be maintained properly. These days’ women don’t have time to take care of their hair and so they cut long hair into short. Also short hairstyles are more in demand and many celebrities and models go for short hair in a day-to-day life. Short hair doesn’t need much care as compared to long hair.

Here some hairstyles for short hair are mentioned:

Girl with short hairBob Haircut: In this haircut, hair are kept short till jaw length and can have bangs too. There are different styles in which a bob haircut can be styled. A-line bob, Chinese bob, bob haircut with front bangs or with side swept bangs, messy bob haircut and sleek bob haircut are some of the types. For straight hair, bob haircut with layers looks very good. If you have curly hair then also you can try on this hairstyle as it looks awesome with curls. If you don’t have curls then you can create some at the tips with the help of curl iron.

Pixie Haircut: This hairstyle is one of Old is Gold type. This haircut was experimented in earlier days and has made a come back in recent days. This hairstyle doesn’t suits everyone. It is especially made for women who have angular face and sharp cheekbones and are longing to draw the attention away from the face. You can also go with having spikes or bangs with this haircut. This hairstyle is preferably good to have in summers.

Emo Hairstyle: This haircut can be styled if you have short straight hair. Hair is dyed in jet black colored. To stand out in crowd, you can color some of the portion of hair with colors like pink, blue or purple. Bangs or spikes can also be styled with this haircut. Generally bangs are made at side in a triangular shape and in such a way that they cover one eye. This hairstyle is adopted from one of the genre of music and so is considered as cool and funky and will help you to look different from usual.

Short Shag Hairstyle: If you want to have some funky, cool hairstyle which will also allow making your hair look voluminous, then go for this hairstyle. You can also adopt messy shag hairstyle as it looks different. Hair is being cut in layered form in the front and back part of the head. This hairstyle is for women who are confident and self-dependent and don’t care what others think. This look will give your independence a boost.

Along with the above hairstyles you can also go with edgy haircut. Short hair are easy to be maintained and is preferred by office going women as they don’t have time for maintaining the condition of hair. Different hairstyles like above can be experimented with short hair and you will definitely look gorgeous and different from other.

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