Naturally Change or Enhance Your Hair Color

by Lawrencia Jones

Women Hair ColorDo you want a richer brown or a more golden blonde? Do you want to have gorgeous red hair or a burgundy shade? Do you long for locks of raven black? You can of course resort to chemical hair dyes to achieve these colors and most ladies do. Many chemical hair dyes contain toxic ingredients though which have been associated with cancer, brain damage, skin reactions and more. For many ladies, these risks just aren’t acceptable. Not only that, but hair dyes typically damage hair severely, drying it out and causing hair loss and split ends. You can always recognize over-dyed hair from its brittle texture.

All of these colors are achievable through purely natural means though! Here is how to become a blonde, a brunette, a redhead or get stunning black hair naturally:

  • If your hair is already somewhat blonde, you can enhance your hair colour by making a hair rinse with apple cider vinegar, chamomile, calendula and turmeric. Other ingredients you can add to strengthen your hair and increase its body, shine and health include lavender and thyme. Boil the ACV and steep the herbs in it as you would a tea.. Store the mixture in a jar and refrigerate it for a couple weeks to let it steep even further. Simply strain out the herbs afterward and apply the rinse to your clean hair after you shower and then leave your hair to dry. There’s no need to rinse out the ACV; the smell will dissipate as your hair dries.
  • If your hair is somewhat brown you can enrich your brown by making a similar hair rinse as above. Use the ACV, lavender and thyme, but remove the chamomile, calendula and turmeric. Replace these ingredients with plenty of rosemary. You can also use coffee to darken and enrich brown hair.. Some natural shampoo bars include coffee as an ingredient.
  • If your hair is gray, you can turn it a yellow shade naturally using cassia, which is a natural herb often confused with Henna. You can combine cassia with henna to achieve other variations.
  • If you want strawberry blonde or red hair, you can dye your hair naturally withhenna (which is healthy for your hair and adds shine and luster). You can achieve shades of burgundy or brown by combining henna with indigo. Other herbs can also be added into the mixtures to result in slight variations on these hues. It is possible (though apparently quite difficult) to obtain purple.
  • If you want jet black hair, you can dye your hair with indigo. You may need to start with a layer of henna if you have light hair and then layer the indigo on top, possibly using multiple applications. You should achieve jet black or very, very dark blue.

Note that many of the “henna” products you see for sale aren’t real henna! Many of them contain chemical ingredients, so shop around before you settle on something. The herbs for the hair rinses can be found at any health food or supplement shop for very low prices. Achieving gorgeous natural hair colors using all natural methods is easy and safe and actually enhances the health of your hair!

Author Bio: Mitchell normally writes about weight loss and the HCG diet. But, of course, he appreciates a good looking head of hair!

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