10 Ways to Make Your Hair Silky and Smooth

by Lawrencia Jones
woman with smooth long hair

Smooth and silky hair is must if you want to look beautiful. Your appearance would be affected negatively if your hair is not looking good. Different hairstyles can be practiced on smooth hair and this leads to better looks. Maintenance of your hair is very important thing to do if you want lustrous hair.

Here are some tips for doing that:

Girl combing her hair1 – Mixture of honey and warm water can be applied after you are done with shampoo. Honey should be heated as it sets into your hair properly. Dry normally with hands or with blow-dryer. This leaves hair shiny.

2 – Lemon juice can also be used to make smooth and shiny hair. Mix the juice with cold water and use it while you wash the hair.

3 – We all know that henna, a natural conditioner helps you get smooth hair. You can mix tea water and lemon juice with henna and apply this mixture on your hair and leave it for 2-3 hours. Then rinse it with warm water. Don’t use shampoo or conditioner after washing your hair with henna. This gives the hair a shiny look.

4 – Tea leaves in water should be boiled and then kept aside to cool down. This liquid can be applied on hair after shampoo is done to get smooth and glossy hair.

5 – Olive oil can be used in many ways if you want smooth hair. Like mixture of olive oil, avocado and 1 spoon of apple cider vinegar is blended and is used while washing hair. Put on this mixture and leave your hair for 30 minutes. Wrap it with some plastic so that olive oil settles properly in the scalp. Then rinse it off.

6 – You can use olive oil for massaging hair. Massage your hair and scalp with olive oil 1-2 hours before you wash your hair. After washing, due to this massage your hair will look smooth and lustrous.

7 – Mixture of egg yolk, olive oil and sugar will help to make hair smooth and silky. After you have done shampooing, spill cold milk on your hair and let it set. Then rinse it warm water. After this, pour the above mixture into your scalp and leave it for at least 10 minutes. Again wash your hair with cold water. This gives your hair a shiny look.

8 – Amla (Indian Gooseberry) and Shikakai (Acacia Concinna) are blended and paste is prepared. This paste is applied to hair before 1-2 hours of washing hair. This results in growth of hair and smoother hair. Shikakai alone can also be used for the smooth and silky hair.

9 – Egg white, castor oil and glycerin are used to make a mixture in which castor oil and glycerin is in ratio 2:1. This mixture is applied to hair and is left to set for some time and then only it is washed. This gives hair a silky touch.

10 – Curd acts as a good conditioner. Mixture of curd and egg is prepared and applied on hair. This conditions the hair properly and gives it lustrous look.

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