Tips for Wedding Makeup

by Lawrencia Jones

On a wedding day, the bride always wants to look beautiful. It is the most important day for the bride. So she will want that everyone should just love her and her beauty. She would want everything to be perfect on that day. Her wedding dress, accessories and sandals should match and should enhance her beauty. She would do shopping months before her wedding. As she would want to look beautiful on this day, she would also want that her makeup is perfect.

Here, some tips regarding bridal makeup are given:

Girl with Wedding Makeup– First and foremost thing to be considered is that when your marriage is fixed, from next day onwards start taking care of your skin. Clean your face regularly with a good face-wash. Use moisturizer, one which works as sun screen. Avoid going out in sun as the skin can get discolored due to its effect.

– Foundation is the base of the makeup. But before you apply foundation, moisturize your face properly. Use a good moisturizer, please don’t compromise with brands. Choose the one which suits your skin type.

– Now apply foundation according to your skin tone. Choose a liquid one as it will allow the makeup to remain for longer time. Always make sure the color and shade of foundation matches your skin color. For this you can try some rough work and then finalize your shade. Yellow, golden, peach or pink shades will always look good. Apply concealer to hide the flaws of the face.

– For some shiny effect, dab some loose powder on the face. This will make you look more beautiful.

– Among eyes and lips choose one to highlight. If you apply dark makeup on eyes than go for light makeup on lips and if you choose loud colors for lips than go for light ones for eyes. The colors which look good as eye shadow generally are pink, gold or some other light colors. Apply primer first and then apply eye shadow as it will allow the eye makeup to remain for longer time. For eye liner, black is universal color, but you can also go for brown color. It is advisable to choose liquid eyeliner. At least 2 -3 coats of waterproof mascara should be applied to give definition to your eyelashes.

– For blush, it is good if you go for cream blushes with liquid or cream foundations. Pink is the best choice but you can go with other colors too. Choose the blush which has matte effect as it will add more shine to your face.

– For lipstick, choose colors like pink, light red, light brown or plum. If you are going with light eye makeup then you can choose dark shades. Choose lip liner shade according to the color of lipstick. First apply lip liner and then apply 2 coats of lipstick. To look more beautiful you can apply nude lip gloss over lipstick as this will add shine to the lips. To remove extra color or some stain of lipstick use a tissue between the coats.

You should be relaxed on this big day. Get some proper sleep, food and water on the earlier day. as it will help to look beautiful naturally. Also don’t forget to do manicure and pedicure before some days of wedding. This will make the nails shine and you can add glow to them by painting them with some beautiful nail paint. Keep in mind your wedding time and accordingly select the colors for makeup. If your wedding is at day time then choose light and bright colors. If your wedding is at night, then you can go for loud and dark colors. Along with the above tips, keep in mind not to try out new makeup items just few days before the big day. This can have side effects. If you want to try out new things, try them a month before, so that you can understand whether it suits your skin or not. Otherwise it is always good to go with regular ones. Be cool and confident, you will definitely be the center of attraction.

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