Choosing perfect eye shadow according to your eye color

by Lawrencia Jones

eyeshadow eye colorEye shadow is a part of eye makeup. It is applied on the eyelids and under the area of your eyebrows. It makes your eyes look more attractive. Eye shadows does add a glow on your eyes and make them appear more appealing. Choosing a right eye shadow color depends on your eye color and skin tone. Contrast colors for eye shadows will make your eyes much attractive then the blending ones. Here are some simple to follow tips which help you to choose a right color according to your eyes color.

Although brown eyes can go with all colors of eye shadows, copper, bronze, beige and forest-green are the best options for it. These colors will make your eyes appear more glamorous.

If you have blue colored eyes then brown and peach color are the best option for you. You can also try purple, taupe and gray colors with blue eyes. It is wise to avoid blue color with blue eyes.

For hazel eyes you can apply any neutral colors such as brown and brown-based shades. Lilac, lavender, violet, plum, and eggplant would also work great with it.

Green eyes can look more attractive with deep purples, deep greens, mauves, golds, bronzes, apricots, coppers, browns, peaches, and plums colors.

Charcoal, brown and purple shades are perfect for you if you have gray eyes. Violet is one of the best choices for grey colored eyes.

To get more sparking eyes always apply darker shade on crease of your eyelids

Right type of eye shadow colors will enhance your eye beauty. Your eyes are one of the most sensual part of your body. Last thing to keep in mind is to use a good quality of eye shadow kit as your eyes are the most precious gift from god.

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