Getting the Nude Lips Look

by Lawrencia Jones

Makeup is used to make the face look prettier and you more gorgeous. Different makeup products like foundation, blush, eye shadow, eye liner, lipstick, lip liner and some more are used to make you more beautiful. These days a new look has set a trend and it is followed by many women. The trend setter look is nude lips. Nude lipsticks are applied as lipsticks and you can get nude lip effect. It is a fundamental thing to be kept in mind that you should go bold with colors for one face part. In nude lips look, light colors are chosen, so you should make sure that you go dark and playful with your eyes. One face part has to stand out and in this case it has to be eyes. You can apply glittering eye shadow or lots of mascara or can even go with smokey look.

Woman with Nude Lips LookTo get nude lips effect is very simple. Firstly you will have to select a nude lipstick for yourself. Make sure that you choose a lipstick which is light in color and 2 shades lighter or darker than your skin tone. You will have to do trial and error method in order to select perfect shade for your lips. Generally light pink is advisable if you don’t find a nice color for yourself. After you have selected lipstick, now is the time to select lip liner. Shade of lip liner should be even lighter than the shade of lipstick.

Now comes the part, how to apply the lipstick to get this look? It is applied in the same way you apply normal lipsticks. The texture of lips is clearly seen in this look. So if you have dry lip skin or chapped lips than you will have to first apply balm or foundation to correct the lips. Make sure that your lips look smooth and soft. You should now apply lip primer on the lips so that the lipstick remains for longer time. After primer, you can now apply lipstick. Start from the middle of the lips and then move towards the ends. You should clearly get some boundary for lipstick so that it looks clear and makes you look more beautiful. For this you should put on lip liner carefully. Make sure it matches the lipstick color and it makes lips look pretty. For some shiny effect, you can apply nude lip gloss over the lipstick. This will definitely make you look stunning and gorgeous.

Now-a-days many celebrities and models are trying out this look as it makes you look different and attractive. You can go with option on putting thick line of kohl to make eyes more attractive with nude lips. You can also try on with thick lines of eye liner with nude lips. Make sure that you select the colors carefully such that they should give you perfect nude lips looks. Go with this look and you will surely get compliments for your beauty.

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