How To Wear Casual, Yet Hot Clothes

by Lawrencia Jones

No matter how beautiful you could be, you first have to get the boys to notice you, otherwise you will quickly find that they seem to be avoiding you. The truth is that you first have to look hot, just as long as you don’t overdo it, and there are plenty of ways to make it happen.

Hot Girl in Casual ClothesHave confidence and be proud of the way you look.

There are two very important aspects when it comes to really getting noticed: confidence in yourself and the right clothes. Confidence in yourself means making bold moves, getting into the crowd and being part of the game so you can attract the attention of the boys you like. After that it’s time to impress them.

The most important thing there is wearing the clothes that flatter you and sticking with them. If you take a quick look around your closet and find there are clothes you haven’t worn in the last year or so you might as well throw them out because the odds are you will never wear them again anyway, and that’s probably because they just don’t fit right.

When looking at clothes it’s also important to find the right size. While squeezing into a smaller sized pair of jeans might do a little good to your ego the end result will be that you will just look large to everyone else. Clothes that are much too big are also a bad option since you just won’t look sexy enough while wearing them.

The perfect balance is to find stylish casual clothes made out of good material that will always look good on you, even after wear and tear. Style is much more important than fashion so buy that dress that fits you great even if it’s a little bit more expensive or not in trend right now.

Choose casual clothes that also make you look sexy, here are a few popular styles:

  • A-line skirts are both forgiving to your figure and very sexy.
  • Dresses can look great, just make sure they don’t make you look pregnant if you’re not, so take care that they have good fittings that accent your best features. The pattern and fabric are also important in a good dress.
  • Tankini, bikini and one piece offer a sexy and casual solution but they must fit perfectly.
  • T-shirts – it doesn’t matter if you prefer v necks or round necks as long as you wear something pressed and clean, sheer t-shirts are only advised when you have a splendid piece of lingerie to show off and you’re not at work.
  • Jeans – when it comes to jeans the most important thing is that they fit well, so spend that extra time in searching for the perfect pair.
  • Shoes – when it comes to shoes you must really avoid manly shoes and choose the ones that are top quality and flatter your feet.
  • Jackets – there are different styles of jackets but when wearing them with jeans or skirts you must look for those that are fitting and single-breasted.

Quick tips

– Match your clothes and accessories in contrasting styles, for example girly clothes with edgy accessories.

Casual wear doesn’t mean you have to dress less fashionable as there are plenty of gorgeous casual wear fashions available that can make you look incredibly fantastic even when meeting up with your friends for a cup of tea or coffee. The choices are almost unlimited and they allow you to be your ultimate self in almost all circumstances if you know how to do it right.

– Try to avoid horizontal lines as those usually make you look wider, vertical lines are a much better choice if you’re looking for a slim figure.

– Concerning colors the classical and always good looking choices are pastels or natural colors that also complement your skin tone, for example pink or white don’t go well with very pale.

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