Tips for Proper Hair Care During Monsoon

by Lawrencia Jones
hair care

Hair is one of the important things to be considered of when getting ready. Proper styling of hair will lead to good looks. Proper hair care should be taken if you want to try out different hairstyles on your hair. To try out different hairstyles, the condition of your hair has to be maintained. But in monsoon season, due to many reasons hair becomes dry, frizzy and damp. They break easily and many other hair related problems have to be faced in this season.

Here some hair tips are given which should be kept in mind while taking care for hair in rainy season:

Girl with great hair
– In monsoon, dirt and germs accumulates on the scalp easily. They make the hair sticky. So hair should be washed regularly at least 2-3 times a week. Mild shampoos are the best choice for washing hair. Hard shampoos are not preferred as shampooing is done regularly and so they can damage the hair on frequent use.

– Along with shampoos, conditioners should also be applied on the scalp. Shampoos will wash away all the dirt and conditioners will retain the shine and smooth texture of the hair. Also they will maintain the moisture level of the hair.

– Avoid applying different hairstyles in this season. This should be done because if you don’t do this then your hair will get more damaged. Instead keep your hair short or till shoulder as they can be easily managed and taken care of in rainy season. Pony or bun can be made from this length of hair.

– Stay away from hair gels or hair spray. If you want to get a hair perm or hair colored then wait till the season is over. Using chemicals on hair in rainy season makes them more frizzy and dry. So, all the artificial things used for styling should be avoided.

– Home remedies like using henna and gooseberry on the hair is good thing to maintain the shine of the hair. Conditioning hair with eggs or curd will also help to keep them intact.

– Massaging the hair with oil at least once a week keeps the hair healthy and also the dryness and dampness is removed after they are washed. Olive oil, almond oil or coconut oil can be used to massage the scalp.

– If you get drenched in rain then after coming home wash your hair with out fail. This is done in order to get the hair free from germs.

– Diet should also be considered if you want well maintained hair in monsoon. If you don’t eat properly, you won’t get proper nutrients. This will make the hair drier and easily breakable.

It is important to take proper care of the hair as how we look depends upon hair too. Monsoon or no monsoon, in every season condition of hair should be maintained. But in monsoon, extra care should be taken because of the atmospheric conditions. With extra care, your hair will look lustrous and so you will too look stunning.

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