How to use Makeup Brushes

by Lawrencia Jones

When applying makeup for any occasion or even just like that you should take care of some basic tips that would help you to get the best makeup done as well as provide the most hygienic way of applying the makeup. Applying makeup can be easy and could look professional with perfectly selected brushes. Applying your makeup is also as important as the makeup colors and the type of makeup that you are going to do.

There are many types of makeup brushes available in market. Some of them are powder brushes, lip brushes, lip liner brushes, shader brushes, eye liner brushes and blusher brushes.

makeup brushes

The powder brush can be used in multiple ways like for shadowing, blending, contouring and highlighting face makeup. The second one is eyeshadow brush that can be used over whole eye lid area and also comes in handy for applying concealer before you start over your eye shadow. For blush you can go with a blush brush. It is not just a powder brush but it is much smaller brush with an angle as well as a flat head. It is only meant to be used on your apple of the cheeks. It gives a smooth and even application without the edges for an even and natural look. For lipstick and lip gloss brushes you should choose a brush with long bristles and also make sure that it is wide and flat. Choosing this kind of lipstick/lipgloss brush will help you to get a nice and even coverage of your lipstick. Eyeliner brushes should always be long and with tapered bristles. It should also end with very fine point at the top which helps you to get to the base of your eyelashes.

Using the perfect makeup brush for their respective purpose will not only help you to get a good makeup but will also help you to get a hygienic makeup. You should try and keep your makeup brushes clean for long lasting use as well as proper precaution for your skin’s health.

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