Makeup Tips for Getting Fuller Lips

by Lawrencia Jones

Getting Fuller LipsWould you like to have sensual and sexy lips like most of the celebrities? With a few makeup tricks, you can fulfill your desire, no matter what your lip shape is. Lips makeup does play an important role in making your face look attractive. As lips are the most important part of the face makeup one has to pay proper attention towards making them look great. All the focus is always on your lips and if lips aren’t looking sensual then the rest of the face starts looking dull. Some women are naturally born with that kind of lips and some women do desire to get that kind of lips. Women are smart and they know what would look good and what wouldn’t. Below you will find some easy tips on how to get that full and plump looks for your lips.

Apply a concealer, foundation or translucent loose powder to your lips to create a base. By creating a base for the lipstick it will adhere better and the color will be more intense.

Before applying lip makeup make sure that lips should be clean. Start lip makeup with applying foundation or translucent loose powder to create a base. After that trace an outline of your lips with a sharp lip liner. You should be careful when applying lip liner as everyone has different lip shape.

Lip liner plays an essential role in making your lips appear bigger and fuller. If you have thin lips then you should trace an outline just outside of your natural lip line. For having uneven lips (top lip is much thinner than your bottom) you should be cleaver to balance them out. You can make your larger lip side smaller, by using concealer or tracing an outline just inside of your natural lip line. You can also increase the volume on the smaller one to balance them.

Once you have applied lip liner, the next step is to add lipstick. Fill you lip outline with a natural color lipstick. You can also add some shimmer as it gives the illusion of a fuller lip. Lastly apply some lip-gloss so that the lips look fuller and plump.

Fuller lips add an attraction to a woman’s beauty and also makes them more appealing. Therefore some women go for collagen implants or lip plumping injections to get fuller lips. Yet surgical methods have been used by many, but it’s better to use some makeup tricks to achieve fuller lips.

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