How to Get Stylish on a Limited Budget

by Lawrencia Jones

Shopping Bags and Standing GirlEvery woman dreams to spend as much money as possible and look her best all the time, but in reality we have a limited budget to fulfill our desires. Do you know how can you look stylish without spending huge amount of money? Actually, it isn’t true that only expensive dresses and jewelry can make you look stunning and beautiful. If you apply a little thought and use common sense, you can get an amazing look that is within your budget. It might save you some dollars that you can use elsewhere or you can just get yet another of those lovely dresses that you would like to own. More savings means more money that you can spend someplace else.

The first thing you need to do is evaluate your existing wardrobe and what you have already in there and what you really need. You should carefully analyze what type of attires you want and what style suits on you. Once you have completed your wardrobe with some basic items like plain tops, jeans, skirts then you can pair them up with different accessories to get new and stylish looks. Funky jewelry is a good choice in order to get a stylish look as it is cheap too. Whenever you are buying accessories pick one that can go with multiple color dresses.

You can also give your dresses a new look by adding buttons, ribbons, patches and other creative stuff. You can also take help of dyes, if any of your dresses are faded. Moreover you should take care of your cloths properly. For example some clothes might need only hand wash and cold water while others might have different procedures for washing it. Therefore it is advisable to go through the instructions written for the fabric care.

It is also a good practice of buying items that are for sale at discounted rates. Many stores put items on sale at the end of the season. In that time you can get your favorite item with in your budget. Some of the stores also gives discount on old stocks when new items arrives. For this you need to keep an eye on the regular sales available in different shops. You can also buy second hand clothes. They are cheaper than new clothes but you should choose them wisely. Sometimes they are better quality ones than the one that you would get from a high street fashion shop.

One can easily look stylish on a very tight budget, all it takes is a little bit of time and thought.

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