Beauty Suggestions for Women in Their 30s

by Lawrencia Jones

Twenties passes quickly and you don’t even know when you enter your thirties. You would be looking beautiful and pretty in your teens and in 20s but in thirties you have to take care to look beautiful.  With right mental attitude and proper care you can look beautiful as you were in your early age. As you enter in your thirties aging, effects are seen on the skin. Fine lines, dark spots, thinning of the skin, sun damaged skin and wrinkles are few signs of aging which are most likely seen when you enter your 30s.

Woman in her 30sWith daily skin care routine you can solve and delay these above problems. Healthy diet and plenty of water is necessary to keep your skin healthy and glowing. The water will also help you to keep the skin hydrated for longer time. Apply moisturizer/body lotion regularly as it will make your skin soft and smooth. Daily use of sunscreen lotion will protect your skin against the damage done by harmful UV rays. Aging signs are generally seen first around eyes and so if you apply a good eye cream around eyes then the signs like dark circles, wrinkles can be delayed.

Doing a facial massage twice a day is considered as a good thing when you enter in your 30s. Morning and night time are desired timings, in which if massage is done regularly then your face will surely glow. Also once in a month, invest in a good facial done by some professional at a good salon.

When choosing makeup products, it is important that you use products, which not only give you a desired good look but also protects and nourishes your skin. Like investing in a good foundation, which contains SPF 15 is a good decision. This will automatically protect your face from harmful sun rays. Also, when you are in 30s, the skin becomes a bit drier and so you should pick a good creme blush. When considering lipsticks, it is good if you go for softer nude colors or glosses as they are considered as very modern and chic look.

In addition to above tips, you should take a proper, undisturbed 6-8 hour sleep to avoid stress and tension. We all know that aging cannot be stopped, but with the help of above tips you can surely delay it.

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