Taking care of your hands

by Lawrencia Jones

After your face your hands are the next most noticeable part of your body. You do most of your work with your hands. While speaking or communicating with others you often use your hands to express yourself. If you imagine you life without your hands then you will know the importance of your hands in your day to day life. Your hands are the most roughly used part of your body. As you do a lot of your daily work with your hands, they do come in contact with water, chemicals, heat, cold, dust etc. which make them rough and dry. But you can prevent them by using some tips.

Use good moisturizer daily after washing your hands properly or we can say use moisturizer three or four time daily. You can also apply almond oil or olive oil on your hands. These are very helpful to make your hands smooth and soft. Mixture of  rose water and glycerin is also helpful to make your hands soft and healthy. Use good sunscreen to protect your hands from the sunlight. Because Sunlight causes wrinkles and black spots on you skin.

For special care of your hand take herbal oil massage once a week. Always use mild soaps to clean dishes moreover you can also wear gloves while washing dishes and clothes. This helps to save your hands from chemicals used in soap and detergent. Lemon is also helpful to give glow to your hand.

At night you can use a heavier oil-based cream that can soak in while you sleep, and  it will leave your hands soft and hydrated in the morning. If your work involves much wear and tear to your hands, then  you should start and end your day with a heavy hand cream for extra protection. Try to keep patting your hands dry it will prevent to make them dry or developing fungal infections.

Beautiful hands makes you more impressive. They tell how you take care of your body. Give your hands a little extra attention because they deserve that. Dressing up in fancy clothes is of no use if you do not take care of your hands and feet.

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