Types of earrings

by Lawrencia Jones

One of the important part of women jewelry is earrings. Earrings can enhance your beauty if you have chosen them carefully. They can give you a stylish and pretty look without putting in extra efforts such like makeup or facials. There are a variety of earrings that are available in market.

Basically they are divided in two categories.

  • Pierced
  • Clip-on

They further branch out into a wide variety of shapes and styles. The popular styles that comes in pierced earrings are

Studs pierced earrings
They are small in size and would not fall below the earlobe. They more comfortable in wearing too.
Hoop pierced earrings
They come in different sizes. There shape is commonly round or oval. Some hang just below the earlobe, while others can reach to the shoulders.
Dangle pierced earrings
They reach just below the earlobes or all the way to the shoulders.
Chandelier pierced earrings
They are almost same as dangle earrings but they come in more then one layers and generally falls at least 1 to 2 inches below the earlobes.
Hypoallergenic pierced earrings
They are made with nickel-free alloys, so they are good for those people who have sensitive skin or are allergic to other metals.
Pierced thread earrings
They are made with fragments of fine chains and small bits of metal.

Clip on earrings are better choice if you would like to try the earrings but don’t want to have your ears pierced. Earrings that will come in clip-on category are clip stud earrings, clip hoop earrings and designer clip on earrings.

Plastic, metal, precious stones, gold, silver and glass are few of the materials that are used to make the earrings.

A good pair of earrings can add extra charm to your beauty. Beautiful earring can complete your overall makeup. Just select the right type of earrings to suit you look and also keep in mind that some earrings are heavy and long. This type of heavy earrings may stretch or rip off the earlobes, so one should be careful when choosing the pair of earrings to use on regular basis or just choosing them for a special occasion.

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