Makeup Tips for Blondes

by Lawrencia Jones

Are you a blonde? Are you facing problems with choosing makeup items? Are you confused which color to choose and which to not? Now you need not to worry about these or any other question you have. This article is especially for blondes and will help you out with makeup and beauty queries.

Blonde Girl Applying MakeupGenerally blondes have fair skin and to choose the shades of makeup items becomes tricky. Always keep in mind not to choose dark and loud colors. They will affect your beautiful face making you look unattractive. Instead select light colors for your skin as they will complement the beauty of your face. You can choose light pink or light red for blush. If you are strawberry blonde then you can go for peach or rose shades too. For some golden or yellow shades for blush can also work. Mostly there is no need for foundation for blondes but if you think that there is need than you can try out pink, blue or yellow shades. If you think that there is no need for foundation than just dab some loose powder on the face.

Eye makeup is the next. Colors you should choose for eye shadow are pale pink, ivory, blue, light purple, copper, gold, plum, white, silver and light brown. Choose the color according to color of eyes. Like if you have brown eyes then light brown color is the best choice for you. For green eyes plum is a good choice as it pops out your eyes very well. White and silver colors for eye shadow look good at night time only. For eyeliner, brown is recommended but you can choose on black one is you are looking for a dramatic look. Don’t ever apply thick lines of eyeliner as it will destroy your look. For mascara brown color is preferred one but black is also a good choice. Smokey eye look looks great on blondes. It gives the eyes extra attention and adds stars to the beauty of eyes. Eye brows of blondes are light in shade. To make them dark you can choose an eyebrow pencil of one shade dark than your hair color. This is done so that your eyebrows become more visible.

For lipstick light red, pink, peach, coral shades, mauve and apricot are some of the choices. You can also try out nude shades or glossy lipstick if you like them. Light colors look good on blondes and so you should try and stay away from dark shades. But if you like to wear dark colors than wear them at an evening or night party. For lip liner colors, always choose the ones which are one shade darker than the shade of lipstick.

Hairstyles for blondes vary as the length of hair vary. If you have short hair, than bob-cut hair will look good. For blondes who have long hair, you can either leave them open which will leave a sleek effect of the straight hair or you can curl them up. Curls look great on blondes.

Keep your makeup light during day time and if you want dark at night time. Dark makeup doesn’t look good on blondes at day time. Also try to emphasize your natural beauty. Fair skin is very rare, so try and use the natural beauty to look gorgeous and keep the makeup as less as possible.

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