Getting Dressed for Job Interview

by Lawrencia Jones

Today almost every woman wants to work and live independently. She wants to govern her life by herself. There are far more woman who are working today then they used to in past. Nowadays you can find women working in offices, restaurants, hotels, etc. A particular company or the organization will let you know more about their dressing code when you get selected for the job. But at first you should make sure that you are dressed good enough to get a chance to work with them.

Here some tips related to dressing for job interview are given below:

Girl going for interview– The dress you wear matters a lot. So it is advisable to wear either pantsuit or some formal skirt. Skirt length should be till or below knees, don’t wear short as short skirts are not acceptable. Also the shirt worn inside the pantsuit and skirt should be either cotton or nylon.

– The color of pantsuit or skirt should be black or navy blue or some dark color but never go with bright and light colors. Try out neutral colors only. For the shirt you should wear colors like white or cream. Keep the colors for shirt light.

– The makeup you put on should be minimal. Don’t put on makeup, which you would normally put when you are going for some evening party. For nails too, color of the nail paint which you put on should be decent and light. Don’t try on designs on nails as it won’t impress the interviewer.

– The shoes or sandals which you choose should be closed toe, pumps or loafers. For heels you should try only 1-2 inch sandals. Don’t go with high or strappy heels.

– If you are carrying a purse with you, make sure that it is small and decent. Big shoulder bags which usually girls carry when going for party which have all the makeup items and other necessary things should not be carried. Leather bag or leather briefcase is a good choice.

– Heavy jewelry should be avoided. Dangling earrings or hoop earrings or heavy necklace should not be worn when going for some interview. Instead go for some small jewel studs in ear and no necklace.

– Keep your hairstyle simple. You can keep a low ponytail or a small bun at the nape or a simple updo. Don’t add some bright and jewel studded hair accessories.

Keep in mind above tips when you are getting ready for job interview. Always remember that you have to look formal as much as possible. Don’t try out anything which is casual as it would make your interviewer unhappy. Behave and dress up in a professional manner and be confident. You will surely make your interviewer happy.

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