Getting Ready on a Spring Day

by Lawrencia Jones

Spring is the season, which comes after the winter. When our skin gets dry and rough in winter, it becomes necessary that we should take care of our skin. We should do something that our skin becomes smooth and soft again. In addition, the glow, which it had lost during winters, has to be regained too. The new texture of skin, which is silky and looks refreshing, is gained at springtime. At this time, bright and brilliant colors, which give a youthful look, has to be worn.

Spring Clothing Collection

Wrap dresses, short mini-skirt, maxis, sundresses and shift dresses are some of the kinds of dresses, which are given the highest priority while selecting one in the springtime. Skintight dresses should be avoided. This is done in order to save ourselves from the sweat being produced, as the heat emitted from the sun is high. Dresses with colors like pink, white, green, blue or some light pastel colors are usually chosen. Among the above colors, women generally choose white dress as this color is very soothing on a hot day. Fabric used for dresses in spring is generally cotton. Other than that chiffon, sheer, satin or silk are also used to make pretty spring dresses. Dresses with lovely prints like floral print, vertical stripes and geometric print can be seen in market during spring. Necklines like v-neck, boat neck, sweetheart neck, halter neck etc are chosen for the dresses. Tube tops are also one of the choices for springtime dress. Dresses with strap or without strap can also be chosen.

Always a dress should be selected by keeping in your mind the body shape and the type of your body. If your body shape is hourglass then you don’t have to worry, but while choosing a dress for yourself, select the one which has square neckline. This will give a nice look to your shoulders and indeed, you will look stunning. For a petite woman, it is necessary that you select a dress, which is short in length above knees specifically. By wearing knee-length dresses, your legs will be exposed giving an impression of you being long heighted. For pear-shaped body, a shift dress is a decent option. You can also select empire dress. Make sure that whatever dresses you select, those dresses should have low-neckline or one-sided neck as it will emphasize your upper-part of the body.

Dresses have been selected and now its turn for shoes/sandals. For a spring day, flat sandals or flip-flops are the best choice. They are comfortable to wear and are stylish in look. If you want to wear a heel sandal, then you can select one with straps, which are wrapped around legs. As the length of dress in springtime is usually short, these strappy heel sandals look good with them. Wedge heels, stilettos, or spring boots can also be considered as choices.

Spring is the time when you don’t have to wear sweaters or jackets above the dress. So, choose a dress carefully which emphasizes your feminine beauty and gives you a refreshing look.

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