Cropped Jackets for Women

by Lawrencia Jones

Clothes play an important role in making you look good and beautiful. The dress should be according to your body-type so that it helps in to flatter your body shape. Jeans, tops, skirts, shorts and everything else should be very well chosen. Jackets have become a trend nowadays and they too can be worn with jeans in order to enhance the beauty. You can get many stylish and cool jackets which are available in the market.

Woman wearing a cropped jacketCropped jackets are in a trend. Cropped jackets are considered as a versatile jacket and can be paired up with anything. The hemline of this jacket can be till waist or anything between the mid of chest to waist. Earlier women used to pick jackets which would end till waist but now-a-days shorter jackets are in great demand. So, the cropped jackets which are short in length are generally picked by most of the women. But you can choose jacket of any length according to your wish. Generally jackets are worn in winters, but cropped jackets can be worn in summer time too. Just keep in mind to choose the cropped jacket with light fabric during summer and in winters you can select heavy kind of fabric. Fabrics used for cropped jackets are denim, wool, cotton, leather or silk. In winter time you can select wool or denim jackets paired with a sweater or turtleneck t-shirt and in summer time you can go with cotton jackets. These cropped jackets can be loose and can be tight. If you have slim body then you can wear tight-fitted jackets which are shorter in length as they will help you to flaunt your waist. But if you are a fatty woman, then you don’t have to worry, just go with simple loose fitting jacket and you will look pretty.

There is variety available in the sleeve length for cropped jackets. You will see full-length sleeve jacket, 3/4th sleeve jacket and half-sleeve jacket in the market. Every jacket can give you a new look. Now-a-days the jackets you see in the stores have designs too. But simple jackets of solid dark colors are also available in the market. Colors like blue, white, black, red, brown, grey, dark green and many others are good choices for cropped jackets. Denim cropped jackets, but color like black is also a good choice. There is an option for zippers or buttons in these jackets. Some cropped jackets have zip in front while some have buttons, but there are some which don’t have either zipper or button. Some jackets have buttons on the sleeves and on the back of the jacket to make them look cool.

Cropped jackets can be worn on jeans. Match the jacket and jeans carefully. If you are wearing jeans of blue color then never go with denim jackets as all blue-blue don’t look good. So, it is important that you wear in a contrasting manner. Also the shorter the jacket, the more it looks stylish. You can wear cropped jackets with skirt, shorts and with cropped pants too. Keep in mind that the t-shirt you wear should be simple and sober so that the effect of your cropped jacket maximizes. But, you can also wear some design tees too with this jacket. Also if you are wearing any other accessories in hand or in neck, then keep them light.

Many models and celebrities are choosing to wear cropped jackets as they make them more gorgeous. You can also choose to have a cropped jacket matching with any of your clothes and you will too surely look cool and stylish.

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