Shorts for Women

by Lawrencia Jones

Women like to wear clothes which are in trend. The latest is the best and they want the best. But with the best, they also look for the comfort level in the clothes. Nowadays all women are comfortable with wearing shorts. Shorts have become a trend for women. Not only women but girls especially in teens also wear shorts. They are easy to wear and are fashionable too. In shorts many options are available. Any one of them can be chosen according to the preference and the comfort level.

Girl wearing ShortsMany types of shorts are available. Short shorts, Bermuda shorts, Plaid shorts, jean shorts, baggy shorts, convertible shorts etc. Cotton, nylon, khaki and jean are some of the fabric used for the shorts. According to the body type, short type should be selected. If you are petite woman, than you should select a short which helps you to look taller. If you are not comfortable with short shorts than you can go with the mid-length shorts. You can also wear high heels as they too add height. Don’t opt for knee-length shorts as they won’t go with your personality. If you are pear-shaped woman, than choose the Bermuda shorts or the ones which fall straight from the thighs. It is recommended to wear bright color tops and dull color shorts for the pear shaped women as this will attract attention from the lower part to the upper part of the body.

Among all types of shorts, the ones which are convertible are in demand by women. They make them look more feminine. These shorts help them to flaunt their legs better than any other shorts. Though short shorts are also in demand, the roll-up shorts can not be neglected by any women.

With shorts different types of tops/t-shirts can be chosen. You can choose a tank top, a tunic, strap/strapless tops, billowy blouse etc. You can also wear a jacket over the top to look more stylish. Leather jackets go with shorts very well. Wedge heels or flat sandals or high heels can be selected among sandals. Boots would also look great with shorts. You can either select ankle length boots or knee-length boots or go-go boots or wedge boots. Any of them will surely look stylish when paired with shorts.

Shorts can be worn at home or at some party. Generally during spring and summer season women like to wear shorts as in winters the cold restrains them from wearing shorts. If you still want to wear them, then you can wear a legging underneath the jean short and thus that legging will protect your legs from cold. When going to beach, after swimsuit women prefer wearing shorts. Also at office if allowed decent and long length shorts can be worn. Shorts have now become the hottest trend for women and generally everyone prefers them.

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