Wearing a Hoodie

by Lawrencia Jones

Different types of clothes are available in the market by wearing every one can look beautiful. Only the thing to be kept in mind is that clothes should be selected properly and wisely. Hoodie is one type of outfit wearing which can change your style statement. Generally, a hoodie is considered as a sweatshirt with a hood and optional zip. They can be pull-on hoodies too. It also has a large pocket in front giving it a nice, stylish look. Because of the hood, hoodies provide anonymity and is worn to hide the face. Generally, celebrities do this when they go to some public place and they want to remain hidden. However, in winter season, due to the hood, head and face can be protected from the cold. Therefore, hoodies can be worn in winters too.

Nowadays, hoodies are not just for sportswomen, but most of the women want to wear hoodies. The dancers also wear hoodies in a particular style as they want to look funky and cool. These days’ different hoodies could be seen in the market. Some of them are of medium length while some reach till mid-thighs. There are short hoodies too which reach till mid of the chest or till the navel. The juicy suit also has a hoodie and tracksuit of same color combination completes the set.

Hoodies can be simple or can be filled with designs. They can be simple with solid dark colors with just the brand name printed on it. The ones which have designs in it comes in many patterns. They can have floral print or have some stripes or a quote or anything random which has been written on it. The design too can be in the front, at the back, or on both sides of the hoodie. Another variation seen in hoodies is in the hood. Some have cartoon face on the hood or some have woolen hoods. Some contain baseball caps, which are fixed in the hood to provide extra anonymity. In winters, hoodies provides protection against cold and it looks stylish too. Fabric used for hoodies is cotton, polyester, wool and lycra. Different colors like black, grey, blue, red, pink, brown, white and others are available for hoodies. There are different ways of wearing a hoodie, thus it provides a new look with every different way that you wear it. In winter, you can wear zipper hoodie or pull-on hoodie with a t-shirt beneath it. In summer time, you can wear a camisole underneath the zipper hoodie but keep the zip down. This looks casual and yet decent. You can select a hoodie, which is made of very light material, and just wear it alone in the summer time. You can wear a hoodie by paring it with cool, tight-fitted jeans, shorts or skirts.

These days a new-type of hoodie is very common in the market and that is Baja Hoodies. Just the design of this hoodie is different from the ideals ones. Select a hoodie for yourself and match it up with jeans. You will look cool, gorgeous and different from usual.

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