Choosing the right dress for summer

by Lawrencia Jones

Choosing the right dress according to the season is a good practice as wearing woolen clothes in summer might be a foolish idea. For example in summer the temperature and humidity levels are high, which causes sweat and skin rashes along with symptoms like itchiness and a feeling of being uncomfortable.

A good dress selection helps you to fight with summer. Especially the light color dresses because they reflect the sun rays. White is the best color for the summer season. As you know in summer the temperatures are high therefore some people might face over sweating problem. To overcome this issue one can choose to wear cotton dresses. There are many summer dresses which claim that they are 100% cotton but in reality they are mixture of nylon and cotton. One should be aware of this kind of fake materials as pure cotton is the only right choice for a summer dress. Cotton has a property which allows your skin to breathe through your cotton clothing. When skin does gets in touch with fresh air it produces less sweat.

A line skirt is a good dress for summer. It suits on almost all body shapes. You can also wear A- line skirts as a formal and party wear. Similar to A-line skirt you can also use long skirt which is also known as maxi dress or as a summer dress. Shift dress is also a good choice for teen aged girls. The dress usually comes with a variety of colors and flower patterns in it. Tube dress is one another example of a typical summer dress.

Nowadays lots of summer dresses are available in the market, which will not only give you a stylish look but would also provide you a comfortable feel in this hot summer. In summer strapless dresses with light weighted fabric are much comfortable.

So before you go to buy a new dress for wearing in summer season, do keep in mind to select lighter colors and proper style of the dress in whole so that the dress feels comfortable and also makes you look more active and energetic throughout the day.

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