Sheath Dress and its Styles

by Lawrencia Jones

A sheath dress is a body-fitted dress with defined waist-line. The hemline of a sheath dress is generally until knees or above that, but floor length sheath dresses are also available in the market. This dress tightly hugs to the body showing off the figure properly. If you want to flaunt your figure you should wear sheath dress. You can wear a sheath dress anywhere either it is at office, evening parties or formal events.

Girl in a Black Sheath DressSheath dress works out for any body-shape but looks more elegant if you have hourglass figure. Usually, sheath dress comes with variety of necklines and colors. They can come in necklines like v-neck, boat neck, and jewel neck and for colors like white, gray, black and blue. They are also available in some fancy and sober prints. While choosing a sheath dress, you should keep in mind for what occasion you want to wear it. If you are going for some night party then try to wear a dress which is sleeveless with deep neckline, along with high heels as it will make you look stunning. If you are at office, avoid wearing deep v-neck sheath dress, as at office you have to look formal.

Sheath dresses also come with/without a zipper. Mostly, they are sleeveless but options for dresses with different kinds of sleeves are also available. To show off your waist, you can buy a sheath dress with a belt. It can be worn in any season around the year. Like for summer season, you can put on simple sandals with small earrings along with dress. For winter, you can put on coat/blazer/jacket and tights underneath the dress. You can consider wearing a colorful brooch or simple pin, dangly earrings, necklace with beads or pearls. Moreover you should try some different length thin chains as accessories.

As sheath dresses are very common in market nowadays, they could start from $19 and can go up as high as $300. A sheath dress is very light and can be easily carried, makes a woman look beautiful and stunning. Every woman should have one sheath dress in her wardrobe because of its simplicity and its ability to be carried anywhere easily. If you don’t have one then I would suggest that you should at least own one sheath dress as it would come in handy on many occasions.

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