Tips on Removing your Makeup

by Lawrencia Jones

Makeup can make a woman look beautiful on one hand and on the other; it can make her damager her beauty too. Makeup products should be chosen carefully and they should suit your skin. Beauty can be damaged by makeup when it is not removed from the face and is kept there for a long time. If you don’t remove makeup while going to bed, the chemicals present in the makeup will affect badly on the skin and can lead to skin problems like acne, pimples, blackheads etc. Also the skin would become dry if makeup is left over on the face. For glowing skin, it is necessary that the skin breathes. By applying makeup, breathing pattern of the skin gets disturbed and so at night it is advisable to remove makeup.

Girl removing her makeup

Here are some tips regarding makeup removal:

  • Always keep the makeup remover of eyes and makeup remover of other parts of face different. Skin near eyes is more sensitive and soft as compared to the cheeks and lips. Therefore, it should be treated differently than cheeks and lips.
  • For removing foundation, blush and lipstick, simply use a cleanser which is water based. Use of cotton ball is recommended. It should be dipped in the cleanser and then applied evenly all over the face and neck except eyes. You can also use milk as cleanser to remove foundation and lipstick from the face.
  • Eye makeup removal is bit difficult than face makeup. For removing mascara, eye liner you should use mild shampoo. Mild shampoo is recommended because it won’t have much harmful chemicals that would affect the eyes. Take shampoo on the fingers and spread it on the eyes. You can use baby shampoo as it is also mild in state.
  • For eye makeup, you can use oils to remove it.  Use of baby oil, olive oil, jojoba oil is advisable as they won’t harm the skin near eyes. Baby oil can be used to remove the foundation and blush.
  • You can make a cleanser at home only which can be used to remove eye makeup. Like you can mix rose water, baby oil and lemon juice and then use this mixture as a cleanser and remove eye liner, mascara and kohl from the eyes.
  • If you have used waterproof mascara and you are now facing problem in removing it, then use virgin olive oil. It will remove the mascara easily and rapidly.

Makeup should be removed at night before going to sleep so that your skin remains free from the after effects of makeup. Use cleansers, which are rich in vitamins & oils and stay away from cleansers that are alcohol based as they can damage the skin too. Remove the makeup and then apply moisturizer to the face so that your skin remains beautiful.

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