Makeup Tips for Brunettes

Makeup for BrunettesDark colored hair defines the beauty of brunettes. Brunettes stand out as different due to their hair color. It is an important factor as it matters a lot when choosing colors for makeup or clothes. Many a times wrong colors are chosen for these things and thus it leads to a bad look. So the makeup colors should be selected carefully if you are a brunette. Makeup which matches your hair color goes a long way in making you more gorgeous and attractive. Therefore it is important to choose the proper shades and style of makeup that suits you overall.

In this article, some makeup tips for brunettes are mentioned:

  • Choosing makeup colors for brunettes is tricky work. You should keep in mind your hair color and skin color while choosing the colors. Like if your hair is dark and your skin tone is light, then you can choose for colors like pink, peach and light brown. But if your hair color is dark and your skin tone is medium, then you don’t have to select the pink hues for makeup. Keep in mind to maintain the balance between dark/light skin tone and your hair color.
  • Foundation is the base of the makeup. So, it should be selected very carefully. Colors like golden, yellow, copper and light brown are considered as good option for foundation. Make sure that the shades of these colors suit your skin tone. So, test it on your skin before you buy one. Proper blending of foundation is must. You can dab some powder after applying foundation.
  • Blush will help you out to increase the beauty of the face. But before applying blush, there is option for applying bronzer for brunettes. Bronzers will help you to get the effect of tanned skin as the color of tanned skin matches the hair color and this is for what most of the women use bronzer. First apply bronzer on the cheeks and then to create a natural look just sweep blush with a brush on the cheeks. If your skin color is light then you can select pink or red shade for blush and for ones who have dark skin choose brown shades.
  • For brunettes, the color of lipstick which they should prefer is red, brown, terra cotta, bronze and other bold & dark colors. Stay away from pink shades as they generally don’t go with dark hair color. If you are thinking for red lipstick, choose the glossy one, as it looks better than the one which has matte effect. Keep in mind that red lipstick sometimes doesn’t look good in day time, so it is better to put on glossy red lipstick during night time. If you have light brown hair color than you can select shades like peach, light pink or other coral shades.
  • For eye shadow, both light and dark shades are preferred. You can choose golden, yellow, red, blue, brown, burgundy, navy, mocha, plum and other shades. Colors like pink, orange, green should be avoided. The ones which glitter are also a good choice as it will make the eyes look more beautiful. You can apply eyeliner, thin line after you have applied eye shadow. Black is preferred color for eyeliner. Smokey eye look will just make any brunette no matter what her skin color is look gorgeous.

Along with the makeup tips mentioned above, there are many options for hair. Like if you have dark brown hair then you can think about coloring the hair. You can think of blonde highlights or caramel highlights or red highlights. Red color in brown hair looks good and these days many models are trying out this look. For light brown hair, you can opt for going on dark side with the help of dark colors.

Brunettes have freedom for choosing colors they like, but keep in mind your hair color and skin color as it is important that the makeup colors you choose should be proper. Select the colors carefully and you will surely look beautiful.

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