Makeup Tips for Women Above 40

by Lawrencia Jones

Women like to look beautiful. They will try out different makeup products and will invest lots of money when they find the correct product for their skin. Even if their age increases, they will still want to look beautiful and attractive. As age increases, the effects of aging are clearly seen on the face. Makeup can be used to hide some of the effects.

Some makeup tips for 40+ women are mentioned below, which will help them to hide the wrinkles and other aging effects:

Makeup for Women in 40s– Primer becomes the base of all the makeup items. Apply a silicon based primer all over the face. This will help to hide the lines of aging and helps to create a smooth finish for other makeup products. Silicon based primer is selected as silicon helps in anti-aging and so you will look a bit younger then your real age.

– Next is foundation and concealer. Liquid based foundation should be selected instead of powder based. If you were not using foundation until now then start using it. Yellow based tones are good choices but you can go with other colors as per your preference. Don’t select dark shades as they can destroy your face look. As you will age, dark circles under the eyes will become prominent. They should be concealed with help of concealer as they can damage your looks.

– For blush, select light colors but common ones. 40+ women are considered as aged women and colors like blue, green, orange look very tacky. You should select light and warm colors and apply properly on the apple of cheeks. This will make your look very youthful.

– For eye makeup, eye shadow colors should be light. You can select blue, green types of colors but make sure that you apply as less as possible. Select liquid eye liner and apply few coats of mascara properly on the eyes to give them nice glow. The eye brows can become light in color as the age increases. So, to darken them you can use an eyebrow pencil of a shade darker than your hair color.

– Lipstick colors can be chosen according to your wish. Keep the shade of lip liner lighter than the lipstick. First apply the lip liner and then the lipstick. Don’t apply lip gloss in much amount as it won’t go with your age.

– As the age increases the skin becomes drier. So, you should moisturize your skin regularly with the help of moisturizer. Choose a moisturizer according to your skin type. Massage your whole body with it as it will help to make the skin smooth and soft. You can apply lip balm on the lips so that they don’t chap out.

Some women who are 40+ have some problems in hiding their wrinkles, dark circles and other signs of aging. For these women, makeup could be a tool to hide these problems. Makeup cannot only be used to hide the aging signs but also to look more gorgeous. Above tips should be kept in mind while selecting the colors of your makeup products. Also keep in mind to keep makeup as little as possible because as age increases the use of makeup should decrease.

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